Exhibition Center

1、Standard booth:

The organizing committee provide a booth of 3mX3m in size, three-plane boarding (2.5m in height), one negotiation desk, two chairs, one socket, one spotlight, and the exhibitor is responsible for the layout.


2、Special booth:


2.1、The organizing committee provide a raw space as per the contracted location and size, and the exhibitor is responsible for the design and construction;


2.2、 In order to satisfy the exhibitor’s design requirement, please submit a document on booth design to the organizing committee prior to August 16, 2017, and the document should include the design draft, power facilities installation while booth construction, water resource allocation requirement, and so on;


2.3、When receiving the document as mentioned above, the organizing committee will reviews it and do the preparation as per the reasonable request mentioned in the document, if the document doesn’t comply with relevant regulation, the organizing committee will notify the exhibitor to rectify it and submit for approval again within 5 days, the deadline is September 1, 2017. If the fire safety and power distribution are overdue to be approved, construction will not be allowed;


2.4、The confirmed matters by the organizing committee in the design draft is not allowed to be changed without authorization, if change is required, it should be submitted to the organizing committee for approval. If there is an violation, the exhibitor will take the consequence;


2.5、All the design and exhibition arrangement of special booths, the vertical orthographic projection is not allowed to be over range of other booked booths. If the booth design affects the other exhibitor, the organizing committee observes the right to ask the exhibitor for booth design change.

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