China International Pipeline Conference (CIPC) is an international stage, on which global oil & gas storage and transportation industry players deepen exchanges and cooperation, demonstrate innovations, and pursue common development in future. The event has been successfully held so far for six times and attracted many enthusiastic renowned Chinese and international pipeline experts and scholars, and it is playing a positive role in promoting the innovation and development of pipeline industry and enhancing China’s international influence in the field of pipeline technology. In the context of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, it is of special significance to continue to promote the progress of pipeline technology, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation of pipeline technology in an all-round way, share innovations and practices in the development of high-grade steel pipes, pipeline design and construction, intelligent pipeline technologies, pipeline risk prevention and control, oil & gas strategic economics and other key areas. In addition, it will discuss the challenges and opportunities brought by the integration of new technologies, new equipment, and new materials on the transportation of media such as oil & gas, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and big data, cloud computing, intelligent perception, digital twins and other emerging technologies with oil & gas pipelines, as well as the development direction of the oil & gas pipeline technology sector in the context of a new era. To this end, “China International Pipeline Conference and Technology, Equipment and Achievements Exhibition” is scheduled to be held in Beijing, China between April 11 and 13, 2023, which should have been held between April 6 and 9, 2022 but postponed due to the epidemic situation.