Call for Papers

  • CIPC 2021 welcomes articles from Chinese and international researchers and workers of enterprises (institutions), scientific research institutes and universities involving in design, engineering, construction, operation management, technical services and manufacturing in the field of oil and gas storage and transportation, and invites you to share industry development information and exchange academic, technological achievements and experience. The papers must stick to the conference topics and have not been published on official journals or other conferences in China and other countries and regions.
  • Paper requirements:

    1.All papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word format and all illustrations must be vector diagrams or high-definition images and packaged into a separate file.

    2.Abstract: The abstracts must consist of four elements, such as the purpose, method, results and conclusion. For all papers written in Chinese, an abstract no less than 300 words both in Chinese and English is required, while for papers written in English, only the English version is required.

    3.A brief introduction of the first author should be submitted both in Chinese and English (including the name, employer, title, date of graduation, university/college and major, address, e-mail, phone and current research field of the author).

    4.CIPC 2021 only accepts manuscripts to be published for the first time. Please do not submit your manuscript to more than one journal at the same time. Your paper should be proactive, innovative, practical and instructive, and we do not accept papers unrelated to the oil and gas pipeline industry. Please keep a copy. We will not send back any manuscript.

    5.The paper should consist of 4 parts, i.e., introduction (research background and purpose), technical solutions and research methods (thinking and methods for solving problems), results and effects (research results and application effects), and conclusions (final understanding and conclusions).

    6.Plagiarism check will be made to all papers, and manuscripts with a repetition rate of more than 30% without a reasonable explanation will not be accepted.

    7.The authors should be solely responsible for the views, results and consequences of their own papers. All papers submitted by the authors shall be subject to the confidentiality and copyright review of their respective employers.

    8.CIPC 2021 has the right to review and modify the manuscripts of all papers in accordance with the requirements, and will hold the copyright of accepted papers after obtaining the author's authorization.

  • Paper collection and rewards:

    1.Papers submitted on time and approved by the academic committee will be compiled into the Proceedings of China International Pipeline Conference 2021 (CIPC 2021) and formally published by the Petroleum Industry Press.

    2.Selection of distinguished papers: The author of a representative paper will be invited to deliver a presentation, awarded a prize (the first, second or third prize) and granted a certificate accordingly during the conference. Representative papers will be formally published on Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation.

    3.Retrieval: Distinguished papers will be recommended to SCI for indexing, and other papers will be indexed by CNKI with the author's consent.

  • Deadlines for submission of papers:

    1.Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 30, 2021;

    2.Deadline for submission of full manuscripts: June 30, 2021;

    3.Deadline for first review and revision: July 31, 2021;

    4.Deadline for re-examination and revision of all papers: August 31, 2021;

    5.Deadline for collection, publishing and appraisal of papers: September 30, 2021.

  • Submission of papers:

    Please sign up and submit your paper online at the official website of Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation at Please enter your personal information and paper information according to the requirements. Please make sure all information is correct. When submitting your paper, please select the “China International Pipeline Conference 2021 (CIPC 2021)” column and copy it to at the same time. Contact for inquiries: Liu Jianguo (Phone: +86-10-63815326), Han Wenchao (Phone: +86-316-2072055).